About Coed Monkey

Since starting in 2004, we've focused on one thing:
Delivering Happiness through Soft, Custom Apparel.

Since we started out of a college dorm room back in 2004, we've firmly believed that custom printed t-shirts and apparel are more than just garments.  They are experiences that should be enjoyed, pieces of fabric that form memories to be made and fibers that tie us to special places and things that play a part in forming who we are.  

In our commitment to guide you towards the ideal t-shirt or garment for your next memory-making event or occasion, we created the Coed Monkey "Soft Scale," a small indication of a very large part of each garment: it's Softness.

Soft Scale by Coed MonkeySince we are all about soft, when our Founder, Bill Svoboda was able to give a TEDx talk in front of about 1,300 people, he naturally spoke on one of his main passions: Soft T-Shirts... and our unique philosophy on why "soft" is so important, because we believe t-shirts should be an expression of you and extension of your brand, so please let us know how we can help you turn your idea into a masterpiece.


- Coed Monkey Team 

+ Bill Svoboda
- Founder of Coed Monkey + Lover of Soft Custom T-Shirts