[PICS] 2018 Custom T-Shirt Color Trends

January 22, 2018

[PICS] 2018 Custom T-Shirt Color Trends

Here we are in 2018 & it's off to a fast start.  Orders have been pouring in and we're already starting to see some Custom T-Shirt Trends for 2018 starting to emerge.  So before we get too far into 2018, we wanted to share a few of the things we're seeing, and in doing so, give you a few ideas that might help you design the perfect custom t-shirt for your company, non-profit or group here in 2018.

To keep it simple, we've broken this post into a few categories:
1 - Top Basic T-Shirt Colors
2 - Most Ordered Heathered T-Shirt Color
3 - One Surprising Color that will turn heads.
4 - Our favorite Red t-shirt (It seems like Red is a color people forget about, but is uber-popular when ordered and done with our vintage or standard ink)

1 - Top Basic T-Shirt Colors

Top Custom T-Shirt Colors for 2018

Since we get to work with so many amazing company's, non-profits and groups, we get to see a lot of cool designs and we also notice a few trends for what shirt colors are being ordered most.  This might not be a surprise, but here are our 3 most-ordered Basic t-shirt colors that you can easily add your logo to and have great results.

Each of these are also super-soft and excellent base colors for a one-color screen printed logo, or multiple colors. 

2 - Most Ordered Heathered T-Shirt Colors

Top Custom T-Shirt Colors 2018 - Most Ordered Heathered T-Shirt Fabric

Our Custom Next Level CVC 60/40 Blend t-shirt is a crowd favorite because of it's great price point, amazingly soft fabric and ability to withstand lots of washes without losing it's color, shape or softness.  We recommend a Vintage White Ink logo against the Heathered t-shirt fabrice for a truly head-turning t-shirt.

It's our most-ordered Heathered color for many reasons, but we think the #1 reason is just because of it's ability to hold a good contrast between a white logo and the background, with a little different feel than a solid black t-shirt would allow. 

3 - One Surprising T-Shirt Color that will turn heads

Top Custom T-Shirt Colors of 2018 - A Surprise Color

While Royal Blue may not seem like a "surprise" color, it truly is when you consider it in the realm of custom t-shirts.  Given the choice, most people will choose a white, grey or black t-shirt for their company or event t-shirts, but every once in a while, in an effort to break company brand guidelines and do something that is risky (yet still a bit conservative), Royal Blue is ordered. 

Our Royal Blue Next Level CVC 60/40 Blend t-shirt is also a favorite because it's so soft and features a heathered fabric (shades of blue) to make up the Royal Blue color.  We love this with a fresh coat of thin Vintage White Ink, or our Standard White Ink (if it's not just block of white ink that takes up the whole front of the t-shirt).

Consider a Royal Blue t-shirt if you wanna step out just a bit from normal, but not too far.

4 - Our Favorite Red T-Shirt

Top Custom T-Shirt Colors of 2018 - The Best Red T-Shirt

Red is one of those colors that everyone takes for granted... until you see and feel the best one.  By saying "best," we realize we are simply stating our opinion, but we see/feel a lot of t-shirts, so hopefully that's saying a lot.  It used to be that we LOVED the American Apparel BB401 50/50 Heathered Red T-Shirt, but then the Canvas 50/25/25 Red Tri-Blend came around and made us strongly reconsider.

The heathered red is amazing with a thin coat of our Vintage White Ink and it features the perfect blend of red hues to make up the overall Red color that is viewable a couple feet away (when you're not so close to it that your nose is touching the t-shirt).  

This Red T-Shirt is also not just a Fire Engine Red.. it's more subtle without feeling or looking weak.  It packs all the punch you'd hope for in Red, without such an abrasive afterglow that a lot of Red t-shirts feature.

-- Editors Note: End List of 2018 Colors --

Hopefully this post gave you a couple of ideas to consider, but please let us know if you had any other questions, because as always, our Customer Care Reps are only one phone call (1-877-T-Shirt-1), Live Chat or Email away!

We can't wait to help make you and your brand look amazing in 2018!

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