Which T-Shirt's right for your order?
Which T-Shirt's right for your order?

Ever thought of doing this to a T-Shirt?

December 23, 2016

Ever thought of doing this with a T-Shirt?

Quick holiday reminder! Our front offices are closed from Monday, December 26th through Monday, January 2nd as our staff takes some extra time for the holidays.

I'm sure you are wondering what you are supposed to do with your life while we are out... It's troubling, I'm sure. Luckily, we had you - our faithful customers - in mind the entire time with a fun project to help fill the time! We found a fun DIY Christmas T-Shirt project you and the entire family can work on together. If you have a couple extra t-shirts lying around and an hour or two to kill, this project will be a lot of fun for you!

Here's what you'll need for the project:

  • A good attitude (naturally). :)
  • A couple of t-shirts you want to get rid of. For a Christmas theme, we suggest any combination of green, white, and red t-shirts to use for the wreath.
  • Scissors.
  • A metal/wire dry cleaning hanger that you don't need.

That's it. That's all you need! From there, all you'll need to do is cut your t-shirts into strips, reshape your hanger into a circle, tie the t-shirt strips on the hanger (in any pattern you want!) and hang where you'd like. The t-shirt strips can be as thin or thick as you'd like, but you probably don't want to to have them much longer than 6-8", otherwise you'll just have a ton of extra fabric hanging on both sides of the tie. The results can look pretty cool! You might not be able to sell it on Etsy, but still worth hanging in your home :)

Can't wait another minute to get in touch? Feel free to leave us a voicemail at (877) 874-4781, drop us a contact message, or leave an away message on our live chat. We will be happy to get in touch with you as soon as possible when we return on January 3rd. Have a safe and Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year; and we will talk to you in 2017!

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[Free] Premium Product Add-On in November!
[Free] Premium Product Add-On in November!

November 06, 2017

During the month of November, if you order soft custom printed t-shirts or other apparel with Coed Monkey through our site, we're throwing in a piece of premium apparel for you!

That means that if you order some new soft custom t-shirts, that we'll ask what size you are and throw in something like a free super-soft and tailored hooded sweatshirt or long sleeve t-shirt for you.  

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How to Start your own T-Shirt Brand (4 Tips)
How to Start your own T-Shirt Brand (4 Tips)

October 30, 2017

We get to work with a lot of amazing people around the country, printing custom apparel for their businesses and non-profits, but we also have the awesome privilege of helping other people go beyond just apparel for an event or team, to helping them launch their own line of clothing.  

In fact, we get asked to print for so many startup clothing brands, that we wanted to put together a quick cheat sheet of our Top 4 Tips for Starting your own Clothing Brand based on countless conversations over the years...

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[VIDEO] Our 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink WILL Turn Heads
[VIDEO] Our 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink WILL Turn Heads

April 25, 2017

24 Carat Mirror Gold Screen Printed Ink By Coed Monkey
"Our 24 Carat Mirror Gold ink is easy to fall in love with..." ~ Bill Svoboda, Founder

We really love providing our amazing clients around the country with the softest, custom printed t-shirts to set their brands apart in their respective markets... so our best clients constantly push us to innovate so they can truly stand out from the competition.  

One of our favorite new innovations has been our Signature 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink... it's a true head-turner and something that is 100% guaranteed to make your brand or event stand out in the crowd! But instead of just telling you about it though, we decided to make a quick video so you can actually see our Signature 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink in action:


This is perfect for special occasion t-shirts, (like if you hit a sales goal, achieve a certain # of team members, reach a special anniversary of the business, etc.). and although it might throw of the "branding" of your business by not printing your logo in the marketing-approved pantone color, everyone will love that you decided to take a risk on something truly remarkable- for that amazing achievement.

If you're interested in ordering our 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink on your next custom t-shirt order, you can easily just mention it in the "Additional Info" section of the Checkout Process, or mention it to your Coed Monkey Order Rep and they can help you!

Please let us know if you had any questions, because we wanna make sure you look amazing in soft, custom printed t-shirts (that fit your budget!) and turn heads!

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