Which T-Shirt's right for your order?
Which T-Shirt's right for your order?

Ordering Custom American Apparel T-Shirts in San Francisco

April 29, 2014

Order Custom Printed American Apparel T-Shirts in San Francisco Online today from CoedMonkey
Custom American Apparel T-Shirts in San Francisco

Over the last few months we've been helping a lot of companies with custom screen printed American Apparel t-shirts in San Francisco, California.  Working with amazing business, many of which are startups, has pushed us to a new level of screen printing because of the high standards and expectations that each company has for their image.  The 3 most-common requests are:

1. Soft Custom Printed T-Shirts
2. Slimmer Fitting Custom Printed T-Shirts
3. And… most important… the shirts must be American Apparel brand.

Knowing that our San Francisco Custom T-Shirt clientelle have high standards, here are 3 of our most popular t-shirts that you could consider for your next custom screen printed t-shirt order:

Top 3 Custom American Apparel Products:

Custom American Apparel 100% Cotton 2001 T-Shirt... The basic 100% Fine Jersey American Apparel t-shirt that sets the standard for 100% Cotton t-shirt.  The slimmer fit and full-variety of colors, make this a very good choice for any custom screen printed t-shirt project.  This t-shirt is also available in a ladies version (our Custom American Apparel Ladies 2102 t-shirt).  

Custom Printed American Apparel 50/50 T-Shirt... A little more expensive than the 2001, but much softer, the 50/50 American Apparel (50% Cotton and 50% Polyester) is even softer, while still offering the popular tailored fit that American Apparel is known for... we actually had a customer at Google order these, so you know they are good!... and this t-shirt comes in a ladies style, theCustom American Apparel Ladies 50/50 T-Shirt, or in Neon, so check out our Custom American Apparel Neon 50/50 T-Shirt to really turn heads!

Custom Printed American Apparel 50/25/25 Tri-Blend T-Shirts... Our favorite American Apparel t-shirt... It's Super-Thin, Super-Soft and features a Tailored Fit!  This t-shirt has set the standard because of how soft the 50% Polyester, 25% Cottona nd 25% Rayon make this t-shirt... then coupled with our Vintage Ink Process- a thinner coat of ink that allows some of the heathered t-shirt fabric color to come through the thinner ink- this will quickly beocme your favorite t-shirt!  It also comes in a ladies version, our Custom American Apparel Ladies 50/25/25 T-Shirt.  Check out this video to see the Unisex 50/25/25 t-shirt in action!


With so many options also on our website, you can't go wrong and we try to help by offering No Setup Charges, No Screen Charges, No Shipping Charges and No Sales Tax... so we keep it simple!  Let us worry about making you look amazing, while you focus on your business!  

Please contact us with any questions (1-877-T-Shirt-1) or drop us a message!

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[VIDEO] Our 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink WILL Turn Heads
[VIDEO] Our 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink WILL Turn Heads

April 25, 2017

24 Carat Mirror Gold Screen Printed Ink By Coed Monkey
"Our 24 Carat Mirror Gold ink is easy to fall in love with..." ~ Bill Svoboda, Founder

We really love providing our amazing clients around the country with the softest, custom printed t-shirts to set their brands apart in their respective markets... so our best clients constantly push us to innovate so they can truly stand out from the competition.  

One of our favorite new innovations has been our Signature 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink... it's a true head-turner and something that is 100% guaranteed to make your brand or event stand out in the crowd! But instead of just telling you about it though, we decided to make a quick video so you can actually see our Signature 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink in action:


This is perfect for special occasion t-shirts, (like if you hit a sales goal, achieve a certain # of team members, reach a special anniversary of the business, etc.). and although it might throw of the "branding" of your business by not printing your logo in the marketing-approved pantone color, everyone will love that you decided to take a risk on something truly remarkable- for that amazing achievement.

If you're interested in ordering our 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink on your next custom t-shirt order, you can easily just mention it in the "Additional Info" section of the Checkout Process, or mention it to your Coed Monkey Order Rep and they can help you!

Please let us know if you had any questions, because we wanna make sure you look amazing in soft, custom printed t-shirts (that fit your budget!) and turn heads!

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