Which t-shirt is right for your next order?
Which t-shirt is right for your next order?

The Custom Printed American Apparel 50/50 t-shirts vs the Custom Printed American Apparel 50/25/25 t-shirts

April 19, 2012

American Apparel 50/50 vs American Apparel 50/25/25 T-shirts...which is right for you?

Some of the most popular products that we offer are our American Apparel t-shirts, but with 3 different t-shirt options, ranging from 100% cotton to 50/25/25, sometimes our customers wonder which one is right for them… so to help you figure out which one to print on for your next order, we wrote this blog post.

Here are the 3 main types of American Apparel t-shirts that we offer on CoedMonkey.com:

1. Our Custom American Apparel 2001 T-Shirt:  This 100% Cotton t-shirt that is the basic t-shirt offered by American Apparel.  It is their cheapest t-shirt (still more expensive than other 100% cotton t-shirts though), and is made of 4.3 oz. combed ringspun cotton.  It also offers a great, tailored fit that you cannot find with other 100% Cotton t-shirts. Get an instant quote on the 100% Cotton American Apparel Soft t-shirt today!

2. Our Custom American Apparel 50/50 BB401 T-Shirt:  This 50/50 t-shirt is just a little more expensive than the 100% Cotton t-shirt but offers a much softer fabric since it is made of 50% Cotton & 50% Polyester.  This shirt also has a tailored fit that is comparable to shirts that you’d buy in retail stores like Abercrombie or the Buckle.  Get an instant quote on the Custom Screen Printed American Apparel 50/50 t-shirt today!

3. Our Custom American Apparel 50/25/25 T-Shirt:  If heaven has t-shirts, then this would be the t-shirt preferred by every angel in heaven… and if you’re looking for the softest & best fitting t-shirt, then look no further… this is it!  The 50% Cotton, 25% Polyester & 25% Rayon offers a softness and fit that can’t be matched by any other t-shirt, but it is also the most expensive t-shirt that we offer.  Begin by getting an instant quote on the Custom Printed American Apparel 50/25/25 t-shirt today!

Now that we’ve laid out each of the American Apparel t-shirts we want to focus on the two that get confused most often- the 50/50 t-shirt & the 50/25/25 t-shirt.  If you want to have a softer t-shirt than the standard 100% Cotton, which t-shirt should you go with?

Besides the slight price difference, there are a 3 things to consider:

1. The Color Options.  The 50/50 t-shirt comes in 19 colors, while the 50/25/25 t-shirt only comes in 8 colors.   

2. Your Logo Design. The 50/50 t-shirt has more solid colors, while the 50/25/25 t-shirt has more heathered colors which look great with a more vintage style print… if your logo looks older, consider using a heathered t-shirt color to compliment the older looking logo.  Similarly, if you have a new looking logo that requires more ink for printing, go with a slightly more solid colored shirt so that the logo does not compete with the t-shirt fabric color- so the 50/50 might be a better option.

3. Are you selling the shirt?  Your customers can tell the difference.  If you are trying to sell your t-shirt and make the most mark-up, then the American Apparel 50/50 t-shirt might be the right shirt, but if you are more concerned with just selling a ton of t-shirts and making slightly less (around $1) per shirt, then go with the American Apparel 50/25/25 t-shirt because when a customer sees the American Apparel tag and feels the 50/25/25 t-shirt, they will rush to grab their wallet and pay you the $20 or $25 you are going to charge them for it!

Hopefully that helps, but if you had any other questions please feel free to Contact Us and we’d love to help you decide which t-shirt is right for you!

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[VIDEO] Our 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink WILL Turn Heads
[VIDEO] Our 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink WILL Turn Heads

April 25, 2017

24 Carat Mirror Gold Screen Printed Ink By Coed Monkey
"Our 24 Carat Mirror Gold ink is easy to fall in love with..." ~ Bill Svoboda, Founder

We really love providing our amazing clients around the country with the softest, custom printed t-shirts to set their brands apart in their respective markets... so our best clients constantly push us to innovate so they can truly stand out from the competition.  

One of our favorite new innovations has been our Signature 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink... it's a true head-turner and something that is 100% guaranteed to make your brand or event stand out in the crowd! But instead of just telling you about it though, we decided to make a quick video so you can actually see our Signature 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink in action:


This is perfect for special occasion t-shirts, (like if you hit a sales goal, achieve a certain # of team members, reach a special anniversary of the business, etc.). and although it might throw of the "branding" of your business by not printing your logo in the marketing-approved pantone color, everyone will love that you decided to take a risk on something truly remarkable- for that amazing achievement.

If you're interested in ordering our 24 Carat Mirror Gold Ink on your next custom t-shirt order, you can easily just mention it in the "Additional Info" section of the Checkout Process, or mention it to your Coed Monkey Order Rep and they can help you!

Please let us know if you had any questions, because we wanna make sure you look amazing in soft, custom printed t-shirts (that fit your budget!) and turn heads!

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[VIDEO] One BIG $ Saving Tip our Biggest Customers are doing
[VIDEO] One BIG $ Saving Tip our Biggest Customers are doing

March 23, 2017

Save Big Money On Large Custom T-Shirt Orders by Following this Tip
"We love helping our customers save $$$ on custom t-shirt orders..." ~ Bill Svoboda, Founder

No matter the size of order, we know that price is always something that's a big part of the decision process, when someone is thinking through where to order custom printed t-shirts. Fortunately, ever since we started 13+ years ago, we have been able to offer very competitive prices that compliment our high-level of customer care, but we are still always looking for ways to help our customer save money on their orders.

Since we get asked so frequently for ways to save money on large orders, our founder Bill decided to hop in front of the camera to outline one BIG money saving technique that some of our largest clients use.  And while this video may best apply to someone that is ordering hundreds or thousands of t-shirts per year, another simple way to cut costs is to relook at how many ink colors or logos you are having us print on your t-shirts... along with possibly choosing a different brand.


Our Coed Monkey Brand Reps are always here to help, so please let us know if you had any questions, because we wanna make sure you look amazing in soft, custom printed t-shirts (that fit your budget!) 

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[VIDEO]  What does American Apparel's Bankruptcy & Acquisition by Gildan mean?
[VIDEO] What does American Apparel's Bankruptcy & Acquisition by Gildan mean?

March 06, 2017

"American Apparel's 50/25/25 was the first t-shirt I fell in love with." 
~ Bill Svoboda, Founder

Since American Apparel's last round of bankruptcy, and acquisition by Gildan, America has been wondering what the future of American Apparel will be... and what all of this means for Screen Printing on American Apparel t-shirts. 

Some of the most common questions range from "Will I still be able to get Custom Printed American Apparel T-Shirts," to "Since Gildan aquired them, does that mean the quality is going to go down?" and to even, "Will American Apparel still be made in America."

So, since we hear a lot of things that the public may not hear, our founder Bill Svoboda wanted to make a short video, to update everyone on what we know... and what that might mean you, as you are thinking of having us print on American Apparel t-shirts:


Here at Coed Monkey, we wanna be more than a printer, but a partner... helping you look amazing in custom screen printed t-shirts!  So if you are looking for alternatives to American Apparel, here is one of our favorite options to consider (still super-soft & still tailored but with an even more cost-effective price), our Custom Canvas 50/2525 T-Shirt:

Our Custom Canvas 50/25/25 T-Shirt is a great alternative to American Apparel right now

Please let us know if you had any questions, or if you are looking to order one of our Coed Monkey Sample Packs to help you choose the right blank t-shirt brand for your t-shirts.

Feel free to give us a call (1-877-T-Shirt-1), drop us a Contact Message or start a Live Chat, and we'll be ready to help through all the American Apparel questions.

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