Which t-shirt is right for your next order?
Which t-shirt is right for your next order?

Ever since we started out of a college dorm room in 2004, we've been in love with putting ink on soft apparel.

Custom printed t-shirts and apparel are more than just garments; they're experiences that should be enjoyed, pieces of fabric that form memories to be made and fibers that tie us to special places and things that play a part in forming who we are... and the softer the memories, the better.  

So since we are all about soft, when our Founder, Bill Svoboda was able to give a TEDx talk in front of about 1,800 people, he naturally spoke on one of his main passions: Soft T-Shirts... and our unique philosophy on why "soft" is so important, because w
e believe t-shirts should be an expression of you and extension of your brand, so please let us know how we can help you turn your idea into a masterpiece. 

Bill Svoboda

Founder of Coed Monkey & Lover of Soft Custom T-Shirts