We love helping Businesses, Non-Profits & groups of people around the country look amazing in Soft Custom Printed T-Shirts.

Ever since we started out of a College dorm room in 2004 because of a t-shirt order that went wrong & the belief that we could do better than the company that messed up, we've loved putting ink on Soft T-Shirts & offering 6-Star Customer Care (since Google only allows us 5!).

Your Business, Non-Profit or Group deserves the best Soft Custom Printed T-Shirts & Apparel, and we believe that starts with One-on-One Customer Care & the highest quality screen printing, using soft t-shirts and apparel you will actually want to wear. 

Speaking of Soft... One thing that we have especially become known for is our Vintage Ink Screen Printing Process, which is a lighter coat of ink, applied with a higher mesh count screen & less pressure to give it a truly one-of-a-kind unique feel compared to the normal, thick ink most printers use.  Here's a quick video to show it in action:


We are in business to make your business look amazing in Soft Custom T-Shirts, so please let us know if you had any questions by starting a Live Chat, sending a Contact Message or giving us a Call. 

Oh, one more thing... we really care about t-shirts & our clients, so when our founder Bill Svoboda had the opportunity to speak in front of 1,800 people at a TEDx event, what do you think he talked about?  T-Shirts, of course. 

Take a quick watch if you'd like to see someone who's truly passionate about t-shirts. Hopefully this quick video give you an idea why everyone else here at Coed Monkey are so passionate about Soft Custom T-Shirts too!