Want Vintage or Standard Ink?
Want Vintage or Standard Ink?

9 Frequently Asked Questions on Custom T-Shirts & Apparel

  1. Why the name "Coed Monkey"?
  2. Is there a Minimum Order Quantity and what is the Ordering Process?
  3. How long does it take to complete an order, and will you ship outside of the Continental United States?
  4. Are there any Additional Fees?
  5. When & How do I pay for my Order?
  6. Artwork, Artwork, Artwork... Everything you need to know about Art, Logo Placement & Pantone Colors.
  7. Standard Ink vs. Vintage Ink
  8. What if I want to mix-n-match different shirts/apparel on the same order, mix-n-match ink colors or can't find the product that I want on CoedMonkey.com?
  9. Terms and Conditions

1. Why the name "Coed Monkey?"

Right now over 90% of our clients are Businesses, Startups, Non-Profits, Family Groups, Fundraising Campaigns or Bachelor/Bachelorette groups, but when we started this business out of a college dorm room back in 2004, the majority of our clients were colleges. It all started with 2 guys (Bill and Ryan) and their dream of offering the Highest Quality Custom Printed Apparel with the Best Customer Service in the entire Industry.  Back then, Bill and Ryan went by the name "The T-Shirt Guys" because everyone looked to them for custom t-shirts, but as the company grew and the guys moved out of the dorm room, they quickly realized that people wanted to do more than t-shirts.

The guys needed a better brand since their current brand, "My T-Shirt Guys," didn't convey all they could offer.  So, wanting something that said "College" without saying "College," and "Custom Printed T-Shirts and Apparel" without saying "Custom T-Shirts and Apparel," the brainstorming began.  The result, was something that was truly unique and memorable, something that their current market could gravitate to: Coed Monkey.

Today, although over 90% of our clients are Businesses, Startups, Non-Profits, Family Groups, Fundraising Campaigns or Bachelor/Bachelorette groups, we still go by the name Coed Monkey because it pays homage to the Bill and Ryan's original goal of offering the Highest Quality Custom Printed Apparel with the Best Customer Service in the entire Industry.  We hope you feel like we still live up to their goal, as you experience why Coed Monkey consistently gets 5-Star Satisfaction reviews on Google from clients around the country.

2. Is there a Minimum Order Quantity and what is the Ordering Process? 

We can do anywhere from 25 pieces to 100,000 (or more!), but for custom screen printing, our minimum print-run is 25 pieces...  In the instance that you need fewer than 25 pieces we suggest searching for a local screen print or digital print shop with a storefront as they are often much better set up to handle smaller runs of apparel.

We really try to make ordering custom t-shirts and apparel easy, so whether or not you submit your order on our website, or through a Coed Monkey Order rep via email or phone, you will “ok” both the Estimate/Invoice and the Art Proof before we do any printing.  

We want to make sure that you are 100% Satisfied with the service that you receive as well as the custom printed t-shirts and apparel, so doing everything online, with a Real Person answering the phone or emails means that we truly care about your order… while making sure that everything gets done right the first time!


3. How long does it take to complete an order, and will you ship outside of the Continental United States?

A standard order with Coed Monkey takes 7-10 business days from the time that we receive all of your order information.  Rush orders are available upon request and we will quote you for any applicable rush charges prior to beginning your order.

There are a few factors that can go into how long it takes to complete your order: First, how long it takes us to get your shirts or apparel into us.  In some cases, American Apparel products can take up to 2 weeks to arrive to us, so this order will obviously take longer than a standard 7-10 Business Day order, but this is NOT a common occurrence.  The second factor that can play into how long it takes us to complete your order is our current production schedule.  To help us get your order in-and-out as fast as possible, please give us as much heads up and pre-planning time as possible.

Shipping outside of the Continental United States:


We do not do orders outside of the Continental United States (Alaska and Hawaii), or Canada, Mexico, etc. because of shipping rates and travel times that are often unreliable.  If you are outside of the Continental United States, we'd urge you to work with a local screen printer since we are not setup to ship to these locations.


4. Are There Any Additional Fees?

With Coed Monkey there are NO Additional Fees… we try to make ordering custom screen printed t-shirts and apparel easy, so there are No Setup Charges, No Screen Charges, No Shipping Charges and No Sales Tax since all orders are online.

In the case that you need us to do custom artwork, or if you need expedited shipping, then we will quote you for this prior to you submitting your order.  We will NEVER spring a hidden fee on you.  Our prices are very competitive with other printers and we try to make ordering A TON easier than working with any other printer, so please ask us if you had any questions on pricing.


5. When and How do I pay for my Order?

You can submit an order one of two ways… First through our website, or second through calling/emailing us your order.  We prefer orders to go straight through our site, but if you are doing a mix-n-match order or an order that is not easy to do through our site because of additional numbers of logos, or special products, then please contact us and a Coed Monkey Order Rep will be glad to help you.

If you go through our website you can pay for the order one of two ways:  

  1. You can pay online with a Credit Card in the shopping cart by entering your Visa or Mastercard, and then you wlll be charged once the order has shipped.

  1. You can pay with a Check/PO from your University or Business’ Accounting Department. You will need to provide us with the valid PO number at the time of the order so that we can accept the order.

If you go through a Coed Monkey Order Rep by calling or emailing us your order, then you will be invoiced for the order and then you can either pay online with a credit card (Visa or Mastercard), or send a check in.  

All orders over $2000 will require a minimum of 1/2 down-payment before processing order.  If you had any questions on these larger orders, or anything else, please call us and discuss your order with a Coed Monkey Order Rep to determine the payment options, including down-payment requirements or Net Payment terms.

6. Artwork, Artwork, Artwork... Everything you need to know about Artwork, Logo Placement & Pantone Colors. 

We try to make ordering custom apparel easy, so here is a general breakdown of what type of art formats we prefer... We do not have a "Design Lab" full of clip art, so everything we do is custom… and if you need us to help you create the design of your dreams, please let us know! To do this, it can be as simple as you doodling your design on a piece of paper, snapping a picture and emailing it to us so that we can create a masterpiece for you!  We do accept any of the following art formats though:

Adobe Illustrator (.AI file):

We love Illustrator Vector files and they are going to be your t-shirts best friend for best printing.  You can either upload or email us any CS version, but we do ask that you "Convert all fonts to Outlines."  Here is a short youtube video on how to do that:

You can also "Flatten the Image" to keep all line weights the same.  To do so, just highlight the artwork (use the filled in arrow to highlight all of the artwork), then click "Object," then "Flatten Transparency," make sure that the DPI is 300 and then click "Ok." 

Adobe Photoshop (.PSD file): 

Photoshop files are not preferred, but if you only have a Photoshop file, we must be a bit pickier to assure superior print quality- so we cannot guarnatee that every PSD file will work because of resolution issues.  We prefer you to save the file at 600 DPI, and to the size that you want the logo printed.  That means that if you wanted us to print the logo across the chest, you need to save it around 11-12 inches wide.  If you save it at 3 inches, it will be too pixelated for us to use and we'd need to ask you for a larger file.  Also, please "Flatten" or "Rasterize" any fonts so that we can open the artwork correctly if we don't have the fonts on our computer.  

We can also accept EPS, PDF, TIFF, JPG, GIF or BMP files.  However, most of these formats have an existing AI or PSD file that was used to create them, so we'd prefer the original AI or PSD file.  For each of these additional file formats, we must look at it to confirm that it is formated correctly for screen printing and that the image is not pixelated... so to help us, if you can, please make sure that the logo that you send is saved in the size that you want it printed.  For multi-colored images we might not be able to use TIFF, JPG, GIF or BMP files... we will have to look at each file individually to see if it will work correctly for screen separations as we prep the art for production.  

Custom Art Creation or Re-Creation:

All artwork created by Coed Monkey is the sole property of Coed Monkey. If you hire us to create artwork for you, you are strictly paying for the labor and thought process to produce the artwork in a print friendly format. You are not paying for the ownership and rights of the artwork, so we would not send you a copy of the vector artwork. Rights to the artwork can be purchased in addition to the creation fees.

Any artwork you submit to us for printing that is in a print-friendly format, that is not being created by Coed Monkey, is owned by you or its rightful owner, not Coed Monkey. We will not reproduce your artwork, trademarked or not, without you or the rightful owner’s consent.

In the case that you are trying to decide between multiple shirt styles, colors, or both for your artwork, we can create an "Options File" for you to review your artwork on multiple apparel styles and/or colors. Because of the time to create this, there is an Art Fee of $40 for the first 3 options and then an additional $10/option after that. Please note that the Options File is separate from your official Coed Monkey Art Proof that is always included FREE with each order, and created once the artwork is finalized further along in the order process.

Custom Screen Printed Logo Placement Guides: 

Our standard Print Size for Adult t-shirts is about 11-12 inches wide for a front logo, but we can go as large as 13 inches wide by 15 inches tall, but this all depends on the smallest t-shirt size ordered.  If you are ordering any XS or youth t-shirts in the same order, then we cannot print the logo 13 inches wide because the shirt will not fit onto the screen.  Please refer to the guides below for the Front Logo Placements on Unisex and Ladies, as well as the Back Logo Placements.

Unisex and Ladies Front Logo Placement Guide:

Back Screen Printed Logo Placement Guide:

Our standard Back Print Size for Adult t-shirts is about 12 inches wide, but we can go as large as 15 inches tall, but this all depends on the smallest t-shirt size ordered. If you are ordering any XS or youth t-shirts in the same order, then we cannot print the logo 13 inches wide because the shirt will not fit onto the screen.  We like to start roughly 2 inches from the back collar, but, depending on the size of the art, we make adjustments to make sure the art looks amazing.

Youth to Adult Screen Printed Logo Placement Guide:

Pantone Custom Screen Printing Color Guide:

Most of our clients find the colors they need in our standard color sheet (see below). 
But ifyou need a specific Pantone color (PMS color) for your ink and don't see it listed below, don't worry. We can mix it custom for you with a small  $15 fee per color.  Just let your Coed Monkey Order Rep know, and we will gladly create a custom color to fit your needs.
Black Ink SwatchWhite Ink SwatchCool Gray 7 Ink Swatch
Please speak with a coed monkey rep for any questions on exact colors.
Black White Pantone Cool Gray 7
PMS 425 Pantone 4c PMS 464
Dark Gray Dark Brown Light Brown
PMS 4515 PMS 452 PMS 7499
Vegas Gold Tan Cream
PMS 130 PMS 1245 PMS 123
Athletic Gold Mustard Yellow
PMS 151 PMS 159 PMS 172
Pumpkin Leaf Pile Orange
PMS 186 PMS 202 PMS 212
Dallas Red Maroon Dark Pink
PMS 210 PMS 225 PMS 268
Light Pink Hot Pink Purple
PMS 265 PMS 248 PMS 5115
Violet Berry Eggplant
PMS 289 PMS 286 PMS 300
Navy Royal Sapphire
PMS 306 PMS 292 PMS 291
Aqua Columbia Blue Light Blue
PMS 322 PMS 332 PMS 350
Jade Mint Forest Green
PMS 356 PMS 361 PMS 378
Kelly Green Emerald Army Green
Lime Green
PLEASE NOTE: Neon and Special Ink colors are very hard to represent digitally. These colors are approximate.
Neon Green Neon Purple Neon Solar Blue
Neon Inferno Orange Neon Pink
Mirror Gold Sliver Shimmer


7. Our Standard Ink Process vs. Vintage Ink Process

We really try to provide our customers with the best looking custom screen printed t-shirts and apparel, so to do this, we do not just offer the standard screen printing techniques that most printers offer.  In addition to our Standard Ink Process, we also offer our very popular Vintage Ink Process (see image below)which is a thinner coat of ink that actually allows some of the shirt’s color to come through the ink.  It is a lighter coat of ink that is also a lot softer than the thicker, standard ink.  

Our best-selling Vintage Ink combinations are a darker t-shirt color with a Vintage White ink.  This looks very cool and allows the white ink to look older, or more worn like popular clothing brands such as Obey, Abercrombie, Hurley, or any other brands that do not always feature thick ink.  Here is a video to describe the Vintage vs. Standard Ink Process that we offer:


Here are some quick Tips for printing with our Vintage Ink Process:


3 Tips for Printing with our Vintage Ink:  

  1. Print Light Ink on Dark Colored T-Shirts.  As the images above show, a Vintage White Ink works perfect on a darker t-shirt color.  The lighter ink color will naturally allow the shirt color to come through the lighter ink.

    2. Avoid large blocks of ink in the design.  Leave "white space" for the shirt color in the design.
    This allows the logo to rest naturally on the person wearing it, since it's not a solid block of ink on the chest.  Leaving "white space" for the shirt color to shine through also will allow you to have a more complex piece of artwork with fewer ink colors since the shirt color will actually be a part of the artwork... this will mean a cheaper print cost... and that makes everyone happy!
  2. Soft T-Shirts LOVE Soft Ink.  The softer the t-shirt, the softer the ink should be... so we recommend our Vintage Ink Screen Printing Process on any of the 100% Ringspun Cotton T-Shirts, 50/50 t-shirts or 50/25/25 t-shirts.  These fabrics are often lighter and thinner than the standard 100% Cotton t-shirts that we all grew up with, so as the shirts are softer and move with your body easier, the ink should not weigh it down... the Vintage Ink allows great movement without a heavy coat of ink to weigh the shirt down.  However, if you need a bright white or other light colored ink, the Vintage Ink Process will not accomplish your desired look and we'd recommend using our Standard Screen Printing method.

    Please Note:
    We cannot guarantee how this will always work on each garment and we actually will not know exactly how the ink will work on each garment color and for each ink color, but check out this video to see the vintage ink in action and please let us know if you had any questions.


8. What if I want to mix-n-match different shirts/apparel, mix-n-match ink colors, or can't find the product that I want on CoedMonkey.com?

If you don’t see what you want on CoedMonkey.com, no worries… please just let us know what type of product you’d like, but we only print on things that you can wear, so we do not print on water bottles, pens or anything else that is not physically worn by someone.  

We've done our best to feature the products that we think you'll like most, but with so many different products by so many different brands, we are sure to have left a few off our list. If you would like a product that is not on this website, please send us a message on our Contact Us page or give us a call, and then we will work on getting you the apparel of your dreams.

Also, we can screen print the same design on different garments by "mixing-and-matching" the order. If you would like to "mix-and-match" garments, please call us and speak to a Coed Monkey Order Representative so that we can help you on this... otherwise, please drop us a Contact Message

 This option is GREAT if you…

-could use more than one shirt style with the same art design
-would like both Unisex and Ladies versions

-could use more than one color in a particular style
-would like both Adult and Youth sizes

Options vary for each of these Mix-n-Match scenarios, but please contact us directly if any of these sound like the best option for your order and we will work with you on finding the right apparel and put together your custom PO!

Please note, there is a small additional fee ($.25) per garment when ordering more than three different styles or colors, as it can increase both the expense of getting the garments to us and the margin for error in retrieving blank goods from our suppliers.

Here are some of our most popular styles that are available in Unisex, Ladies, and some Youth versions (colors may vary by style), which you may want to mix-n-match:

Next Level Fitted T-ShirtGildan Best Value T-ShirtAmerican Apparel 50/50 T-ShirtAmerican Apparel 50/25/25 T-Shirt, and our American Apparel 50/25/25 Tank Top

You can also mix-n-match ink colors, but there is a one-time, $15 ink switch fee for each switch that you make (your first color is included in the quoted price).  Please let us know if you had any questions on this and your Coed Monkey Order Representative will help you determine final costs, so please contact us for more info!


9. Any other questions? 

Consumer Privacy Policy:

Coed Monkey LLC respects your privacy. Coed Monkey LLC does not buy, sell, rent, lease, hock, barter, donate, or share personal information, email addresses or identifiable information regarding its customers in any way. Any information collected regarding our customers is held with the utmost care and security.

Order Acceptance:

Coed Monkey LLC reserves the right, without prior notification, to refuse service to any one or limit the order quantity on any items we deem necessary. Verification of information prior to the acceptance of any order may be required. No international orders will be accepted.

Payment Terms:


 When approving your PO and digital Art Proof, please let us know how you intend to pay for the order (credit card or check). If you are paying by credit card, we will process the order once payment is received. If you are paying by check, we will process the order once you have confirmed the check in en-route or provide a date the check will be sent. Payment should be received prior to us shipping the apparel to you.

Canceling an Order:

Orders that are cancelled prior to printing (after approval of PO or Art Proof or both) will be subject to a Cancellation Fee. The Cancellation Fee is determined upon total order value, return/restocking fees for the blank apparel, and lost production time (minimum of $50.00). Cancellations will not be accepted once the apparel has been printed.

Order Issues:

Our goal is to provide the best customer service and best product. In doing so, we make every effort  to prevent mistakes. So, for each order, Coed Monkey puts together a PO and digital Art Proof to be reviewed and approved before moving forward on the order. 

We fully stand behind our work. But, if for any reason you receive your order and it is not what was agreed upon (according to the approved PO and Art Proof), we will work with you to make it right! If you should have any questions or concerns after receiving your order, please notify us immediately by either calling 1-877-T-SHIRT-1 or emailing the representative who assisted you with the order.

Please let us know if you had any other questions by calling us at 1-877-T-Shirt-1 or dropping us a Contact Message



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