COVID-19: Coed Monkey update

COVID-19: Coed Monkey update

Updated March 24, 2020

Friends —

I probably should jump into the normal "response to COVID-19" statement, but with all the discomfort, fear, exhaustion, and confusion, jumping to business first just doesn't feel right.

Every night my wife, my 9 year old son, and I say what we're thankful for. It occured to me last night that the way the world is responding, shutting down daily life to try to save the old, the weak, the frailest among us is a choice. There's such a kindness and bravery in being afraid for yourself but still choosing to stay home to avoid spreading an illness to someone more vulnerable than yourself.

I know we will make some mistakes as a global community, and I know that selfish motives will creep back in soon enough. But right now, no matter how much I hate what we are dealing with, I'm so grateful to the world right now. So many have made a choice to be together, even if it means we need to be apart.

Pray, meditate, laugh or whatever you do to keep your spirits up. Find solace in being a part of something bigger than anything we've ever done in our short time on this Earth.

And thank you! Keep it up.

As for our business . . .

Our operations and customer care teams have been working from home. Our production facilities are working in shifts to limit the number of people on the floor and making well over six feet social distancing incredibly easy to maintain. Our suppliers have made adjustments and have multiple redundancies in the supply chain.

Compared to many of you, things are relatively normal for us. 

So if you need a shirt to bring your team together while they’re far a part, need a shirt to help uniform your people on the front lines, are looking for an item to help raise funds and awareness for your organization, or need a quote to plan for after the red line goes down, we’re here to help.

Meanwhile, we’ve been spending the last few months working on a new website. That has been keeping us busy, and we plan to launch soon.

We’ll keep you posted. 

Updated March 27, 2020

Our main printing partner and sister company, located in Minnesota, is going to be able to maintain production as an essential manufacturer that is supporting the healthcare and transportation industries while the Minnesota Stay at Home order is in effect.

What that means for our clients is we will have production capabilities and be able to fulfill orders.

Those critical industries will take priority, but we anticipate any delays we may experience would be minor. We'll know shortly after receiving any order if there would be a delay. And as always, we do not process your payment until we get your final approval.

Like many out there, our production team is facing reduced hours while still needing to get the work done. The team is working halftime and splitting days in and days off to allow social distancing on the floor.

Keep them in your thoughts, along with all the postal workers, grocery store and gas station employees, healthcare workers, displaced workers . . . anyone asked to give more while we wait to get through this. 

Take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. 

Brian DeLong

General Manager, Coed Monkey